Over A Dozen Markets To Trend Trade Intraday

In financial markets, the story of the day is the collapse from its lofty levels in the metals complex with Silver suffering the sharpest fall since Oct ’08 while Gold saw its worst day in over 8 years. Currencies wise, the Canadian Dollar was the stand out performer, followed miles away by the US Dollar…

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The Daily Edge Resumption In The US Dollar Downtrend

With the USD fragility kicking back in, we’ve once again transitioned into an environment granting us permission to expand the watch list as new instruments qualify to be traded at a discounting region.

The Daily Edge Gold Does It, Record High Above $2k

What stands out in the last 24h is definitely the major breakout in the Gold market after printing a fresh record high above $2,000.00. As such, this market makes it once again into the list of tradable assets where we find full congruence if the higher timeframes.

The Daily Edge Notable Buying In North American Currencies

There has been a major reset in the number of trending markets in the higher timeframes (4h and daily) as a result of the strength off its suppressed levels in the USD and the CAD. Stocks did well overnight with the tech heavy Nasdaq 100 index making fresh record highs.

The Daily Edge Great Conditions To Trend Trade Continue

There has been a slight reduction in the number of trending markets as the Asian markets open this Monday. Still, as intraday swing traders looking to exploit directional biases in higher timeframes, we are still provided with just under 20 markets that qualify.

The Daily Edge Forex Trends – Gift That Keeps On Giving

It was a lively day in the markets with the European FX complex (EUR, GBP, CHF) once again taking the spotlight as the euphoria to accumulate further long inventory at the expense of the obliterated North American currencies (USD, CAD) continues mercilessly.

The Daily Edge Record Number Of Pairs In Trending Mode

The message by the Fed via its policy statement and in the press conference by Chairman Powell sounded dovish enough to keep the status quo of a weaker US Dollar and be a catalyst to pump equities. The FOMC is now behind us, and as technically-oriented traders, while always respecting an event of this caliber that injects volatility, our job is to trade what’s in front of us via price action, keep that in mind.