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Another Poor Performance By The US Dollar

Looking back to the last 24h, it was a rather convoluted affair during the Asian session, with a brief period of high volatility amid the scare over the termination of the US-China trade deal. In Europe, the risk sentiment mood was given a new jolt as EU PMIs beat expectations, fueling further selling in the Greenback, still on the back-foot.

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Scan Of The Markets

The indices show the performance of a particular currency vs G8 FX. A video on how to interpret these indices can be found in the Global Prime’s Research section.

Looking back to the last 24h, it was a rather convoluted affair during the Asian session, with a brief period of high volatility amid the scare over the termination of the US-China trade deal. In Europe, the risk sentiment mood was given a fresh jolt as EU PMIs beat expectations, fueling further selling in the Greenback, while in the US, we got off to a solid start but as the session rolled through the trends petered out.

To put readers into perspective, Asia was characterized by an utter state of perplexity following a controversial headline by US Trade Representative Navarro who stated via a Fox News interview that the ‘US trade deal with China is over’, only to walk back the comments via the Wall Street Journal minutes after. Markets went through some wild fluctuations but with no net effect after all said and done.

What really sparked risk sentiment in a more long-lasting fashion from early Europe all the way to mid way through the US morning included the raft of positive European PMIs, building up the notion that we may be in the midst of a sharp recovery in activity. The fact that Trump came forward via a tweet to clarify that the US-China trade deal phase one is fully ‘intact’ also assisted the favorable risk dynamics.

The market also interpreted positively and clung into the chatter that the US is gearing up for yet another stimulus package by July. On a more negative note, we learned that COVID-19 cases in the US keep climbing at a steady pace in those identified hit spots such as Texas, Florida and Arizona. US health expert Fauci told lawmakers the US is going through a “disturbing surge” in new cases.

But with the US election in November and the catastrophic consequences the lockdown has had for the economy, the bar to re-establish restrictions is pretty high.

However, things can change in a dime, both in terms of a renewed spikes in COVID19, and this may lead to a tougher stance by politicians. A taste of that came via Texas’ Governor on Monday who said “if we were to experience another doubling of those numbers over the next month, tougher actions will be required”.  Germany is a clear example of the tail risk, as restrictions were re-imposed in two districts.

As the chart above shows, even if US traders came online with a solid positive lead from Europe, the S&P 500 failed to break outside of its week-long narrow range. That inability to extend gains in US equities failed to justify further follow-through continuation in the AUD and NZD, the two currencies, alongside the Euro, delivering the best results for the day. Surprisingly, the CAD, succumbed as the worst performer, followed by the USD.

A whole different story involves the Nasdaq 100, where a new all-time high was printed, as many traditional value-led investors continue to watch the price action in disbelief. There is growing chatter that equities in the US are starting to be in bubble territory.

A Real Vision video analysis caught my attention, where Refinitiv looked at how the nature of the equity market has changed between the highs of February and the highs that are being made in the Nasdaq today, noting that “one of the key elements of a bubble that was missing earlier in the year is no longer missing today.”

A special mention once again deserves the price of Gold, finding consistent buy-side flows amid the technical breakout of its protracted daily range, while also benefiting from the USD weakness. I also observe a conducive environment to keep bidding up EUR/USD, AUD/USD or sell-side action in USD/CHF or USD/JPY. A much more detailed elaboration of my thinking process in the video below.

Heading into Wednesday, the NZD will attract above average interest as we get the RBNZ policy decision. The consensus is that both rates and guidance – see rates unchanged until March 2021 – wont’t be altered. The team at Bank of New Zealand notes that “the RBNZ will likely want to wait for August’s pre-election fiscal update to get a sense of government finances and likely stimulus measures before thinking of expanding its QE program.” We will also get the BoJ Minutes, the German IFO and a line up of Fed speakers today.

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Insights Into Market Flows

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