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Owning Your Trading Approach

A topic I'd like to address today is that while I am wholeheartedly endorsing mentorships to turbo-charge one's skills, it's not the 'panacea' for all trading ills!

The moment I came to terms in adopting a set of styles that not only resonates with my personality but that I could single-handedly determine what is it that constitutes the edge, based on my thousands of hours observing the market and its patterns, that’s when a huge ‘aha’ moment ensued.

While I provide an incredible frame of reference thru the course and the constant feedback to take your skills to the next level, you should be the ultimate responsible, through your own experience/journey of self-discovery, to make certain decisions that I simply cannot make for you.

Case in point, timeframe combinations, set of entry techniques that resonate most with how you have fun trading, risk management, and the list goes on. Let me take things deeper. On the strategy front, as your experience grows, you may stop following each and every aspect I teach religiously.

You may decide this or that is not for you. Maybe you notice something I’ve taught is redundant. Whatever it is, ironically, that often tends to be a sign of growth as you are finally able to develop the skills to such an extend that such religious following may not be needed.

And guess what? That’s perfectly fine!

Becoming more selective on how you’d like to mold things to your own style, provided that you can gather sufficient evidence that the approach carries and/or improves the edge to exploit under specific market conditions (situation awareness), let me repeat, is often a hint of ‘progress’ (you take ownership!).

I’ve been taught all types of indicators and styles, with the peculiarity that most were not initially designed by myself. I needed educators providing me an early guidance. Tones were filtered out and eventually I stuck with what resonated with me and served best the purpose of deciphering relevant market information.

The course and my mentor room is that collection of wisdom that ultimately worked for me and I am openly teaching it to anyone willing to put in the time. Take it for what it is, the answers I was looking for to read markets were found through the material that is presented to you.

That could have never happened unless I first FOUND MYSELF through taking ownership of my approach.

My methodology in trading ultimately originated from my own discretion in combining different tools I learned along the way. I am thankful to each and every educator as they contributed to my growth, but it wasn’t until I started to look from the inside out that things started to click.

What made the difference was the fact that I was finally taking responsibility to piece it all together through the constant collection of experiences to shape up my trader profile. At some point, you will realize that there are certain areas where you and only you must make a decision to keep moving forward.

This can either be a sign of growth or drifting away. How can you tell? Accountability and being the owner of your destiny. It all starts by making your own decisions, hence, why you must take ownership of how you are going to be trading the markets with purpose and authenticity.

Can’t think of anyone reaching the echelons of any competitive field by not having done that. Trading is no different. In fact, trading amplifies it given its solitary nature. I am aware of it and through the mentor room, I want to open your eyes to all the realities that come or will come in your constant development as a trader!

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