GBP & Stocks Outperform, USD Still Weak

We enter a new week of trading with US equities charging higher following a late rally on Friday, Gold trying to hold above the $1,800.00 mark, the Pound still an out performer in the currency space, while the USD and Yen keep heading in opposite directions.

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Trading Videos Is GBP The Only Higher Timeframe Trend In Town?

Want to pick on my brain? In this video I lay out all my thoughts for the day ahead, always taking aim to identify the markets with the conditions most ripe to engage in trend trading. Calling ranges when we should is also critically important as part of the prep. Enjoy the technical tour!

Trading Videos Setback In ‘Risk On’, GBP Looks Strong

It’s now important to be pragmatic and selective, arming yourself with patience to know what markets are best to sit out and what instrument still argue for tradable opportunities to potentially be found this Friday. Let’s find out via the video analysis I put together for you all.

Trading Videos Gold Hits 100% Proj, GBP Bulls In Charge

If you are interested to find out the markets best positioned to keep milking the vulnerability in certain currencies the likes of the US Dollar or the Japanese Yen, the video I put together below is a must-watch. In it, I deconstruct the analysis of structures, momentum, volatility, support/resistances and projection targets. A real treat to your education.

Trading Videos What Are The Best Markets To Trade Today?

Gold, the Pound and the Canadian Dollar, as I will demonstrate in today’s video analysis, have turned out to be the markets to be most attentive for trend trading opportunities. These are the instruments indicating concordance across higher timeframes (4 hour/daily).

Trading Videos What’s The Golden Hour In Forex?

In today’s video, I briefly describe what I label as the ‘Golden Hour’ in the Forex market. This is the time when the NY and London sessions overlap, alongside the flows into stocks, making it an ideal time to trade intraday.

Trading Videos Big Picture Re-Alignment In Forex?

I encourage you to watch my current thoughts in the marketplace as we may be nearing an inflection point in Forex. The video is an opportunity for you to pick on my brain as it relates to the technical analysis of the charts, which gives a chance to gain deeper insights on how to contextualize markets.

Trading Videos Stocks & Forex Underpin ‘Risk-On’ Dynamics

When it comes to technicals, hands down the most critical area to organize one’s thoughts before making a bet, a picture (in this case a video) speaks a thousand words, which is why I will refer you to the video to pick on my brain and what’s the lay of the land in key USD markets heading into this Thursday’s session.

Trading Videos Yen Shows The Way, ‘Risk On’ In Vogue

The forex market behavior infuses the confidence to conclude that the overall picture is turning constructive in risk assets. If you are interested to find out what instruments looks prime to keep capitalizing in the current state of affairs, the video below is for you.

Trading Videos Yen & Pound Soft, Bear Trends In Play

In this video, I take you on a more interactive tour whereby my views on the technical side of the equation as it’s related to the S&P 500, Gold and Forex get to be expressed. By the end of it, the whole purpose is to provide a compass that helps to guide you through the next 24h of trading.

Trading Videos What’s A Market Liquidity Void?

In this video, I analyse the concept of void areas. This explanation is critically important to know when is it that the likelihood for a particular side (buyers or sellers) to exert clear dominance of the directional bias will increase significantly amid the absence of nearby reference points to lean against by the weak-handed players.