Small Reversal In Risk Sentiment

It was largely an undecisive and choppy day in the markets on Thursday with both the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen retracement a tad the huge gains made over the last week. Meanwhile, the Canadian Dollar outperformed, followed by a solid run in the Euro and Pound. The Aussie and the Kiwi saw a small round of buying at last. 

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Trading Videos USD/CHF Long Hits 3:1 Target, What’s My Read In Markets Today?

The long in USD/CHF hit its 3:1 target as part of the last hot trade promoted in the daily edge. In terms of trending markets, we are still predominantly in the midst of a decent environment to jump on developing trends, especially when cross-checking risk-off currencies against the Oceanic complex. Some shorter term opportunities are also up for grabs to long CAD.

Trading Videos Risk-Off Intact, USD Reigns

In terms of trending markets, it continues to be a very conducive environment to trade in congruence with multi-timeframe trends since the imbalance of flows in risk-off currencies (especially in the USD) against the rest of peers have been particularly one-sided…

Trading Videos I Combined Ghostrider’s & My Strategy (The Results May Shock You)

I believe this video comes very well-timed given the recen tinterview I had with Marc (Ghostrider). After absorbing the concepts taught in his room and reinforced by the interview, I decided to run an experiment by spotting trades on Tuesday that met both Marc’s criteria while also incorporating some of the technical components I look for to be in alignment.

Trading Videos Interview w/ Ghostrider: The Power Of Trading Bar By Bar

I had the pleasure to sit down and chat with Marc, who goes by the name Ghostrider. Marc is a trader based in Scotland, a client at GP and he definitely made a name for himself through our Discord room by being actively engaged and sharing his unique way to trade the markets based on supply and demand, divergences and fractals.

Trading Videos Risk-Off Wave Leads To Fresh Flow Imbalances

The story of the day was the re-invigoration of the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen as a result of the follow-through supply seen in equity valuations. In this video I provide insights into the instruments with the most acute imbalance of flows as usual. 

Trading Videos What Markets Show The Cleanest Trends?

 The only multi timeframe trends to be found as per the combination of 4h and daily where an acute imbalance of flows has and still exist involve crosschecking the weakest links against either the Yen or Kiwi. 

Trading Videos Asian/Oceanic FX Complex Rules

Technically speaking, these markets remain in a topsy-turvy state with no clear directional biases in the higher timeframes. This is true in pairs where European and North American currencies are involved. There are some exceptions such as the out-performance of the Asian FX complex (AUD, NZD, JPY). It is especially head-scratching to see the Oceanic currencies doing so well…

Trading Videos Analysis On FOMC + EURJPY Short Setup (I Missed It!)

In today’s video, I provide a round up of the FX indices performance, I share my take on the FOMC, talk about 2 TT setups which I missed (both!) and I dive into the outlook for FX majors. To be honest, the FOMC has left us with a technical picture characterized by range-bound conditions still predominant in most pairs. Watch the video to find out!

Trading Videos A Bearish USD Index Awaits The FOMC

The recent adoption of a new regime whereby the Fed proactively seeks a sustainable boost in inflation makes this a key meeting where Powell needs to clarify what this will mean for the balance sheet and the rates outlook going forward.  The reaction in the USD will be a by-product of the behavior we’ll see in inflation expectations (breakevens) and ‘real’ Treasury yields.

Trading Videos EUR/USD Goes For a 3:1 Long Ride

In today’s video, I walk the viewers through a couple of trades from Monday. I demonstrate again the power behind what I call the TT pattern (Trapped Traders), at the core of my approach to trade the markets for years. Setups in EUR/USD long and GBP/JPY short were spotted.